Mission Statement

South Asia Watch (SAW) believes that the world peace and stability is only possible if the member-states practice democracy and development. They should consider human rights as a vital issue for the uplift and well-being of the region.

SAW does not support acts of terrorism. The organization believes that all nations must unite in order to demolish any boundary that may hinder our fight against global terrorism. That is, all nations must support one another in the fight to break down the forces that prevent equality and universality of each individual right. SAW believes in peace and harmony in all nations as well as every part of the world.

Aims & Objectives
International Committee of SAW

Chairman: Dr. M. Hussaini
Vice-Chairman: Ashok Basu, A.S. Bahar
Secretary General: Shahidul Islam Talukder
Assistant Secretary General: T. Rahman Haroon
Organizing and Public Policy Secretary: Iqbal Shailo
Treasurer: A.K.Azad
International Affairs Secretary: K. A. Adams
Overseas Coordinator: Miriam Atkinson

Executive Members:
Dr. Quazi T. Rahman
Farhad Hussain
Dr. S. Ali, Paul Szpizek
Ravi Adhikari
M. Eldousouki,
R. Gilmore
Continental Coordinators:
T. Rahman (North America)
Mirza Rezaul Hossain (Europe)
Dr. Dil Rowshan Nazneen (Asia)
Susai Benzamin (Australia)
Roni Hussain (Africa)
Advisory Board:
Chairman, Advisory Board
US Congressman Joseph Crowly (D-NY 7th)

Dr Nurul Momen
Prakash Vishwas Rao
M. Aminullah
Sirajur Rahman
A. T. Ariyaratne
Dr. Adel Miah
News in Pictures
Recent Activities

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